February 10, 2016

Garage Door Spring Repair


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Garage Door Spring  is one of the components and most important part of garage doors because of its crucial function of counterbalancing the heavy weight of garage doors.

This counterbalancing makes it possible for garage doors to open and close easily.
Giving for example, if a garage door weighs 150 pounds, a spring force of 150 pounds will be needed to counterbalance that of the door. Therefore, owing to the  essential role played by springs in garage doors. It is imperative to repair or install a very good garage door spring by professional. Good enough, we have such experts in Garage Door Repair Renton.


In Renton, we basically have two types of garage door springs, they are Torsion springs and extension springs. Below is a detailed explanation about the two types of garage spring:

Garage Door Torsion Springs

Garage door torsion springs type are normally secured to a metal shaft that is a

garage door spring bellevue

bove the garage door. In some system, we may have the shaft  pass through the middle of the spri

ngs, or the shaft will be the one housing the spring. Assuming, the shaft passes through the middle of the torsion spring, then the spring is likely going to be mounted in the middle or end of the shaft by the outside edge of the garage door.

Torsion spring type performs its function of balancing the weight of garage door by applying torque to the shaft. As you open and close your garage door, the torsion spring winds and unwinds

thereby creating a balance system. In determining the lift and life cycle of torsion spring type, three factors are considered, they are: the torsion spring wire size, the inside diameter and finally the length.

Garage Door Extension Springs

Garage door extension springs are often  mounted along the sides or above the horizontalgarage door spring Repairtal tracks of the garage doors seen in Bellevue. In Extension springs, the action of counterbalancing the weight of the garage door is by stretching and contracting as the door opens and closes. Garage door extension springs have either close loops, open loops, or clipped ends  that helps to secure the spring either to the pulley, garage track hang, tension adjusting bolt or garage frame.

Broken Garage Door Spring

The breaking of garage door spring can be as a result of so many reasons, ranging from wear and tear, extreme temperature fluctuations, lack of proper spring adjustment and maintenance by profbroken garage door springprofessionals. Whatever the cause of  the break may be, the good thing is that you will know when it breaks. Either  the garage door refuses to move or it makes a very loud noise during operation.
Finally, Replacing garage door springs can be very dangerous owing to the torque in a wound torsion spring or the stretch in an extended extension spring as the case may be.

Sequel to this, a proper understanding of garage door springs and garage door weights is very important for safe repairs. That is the more reason why garage door  repair experts like those from Garage Door Repair Mercer Island are highly recommended.
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