February 10, 2016

Garage Door Opener


Garage Door Opener is very critical to protecting your automobile and house contents and having one that will lock down properly will curtail your door from been lifted by a gust of wind. A garage door opener can be defined as a motorized device that is used for opening and closing garage doors which can be operated manually or with the help of remote.
To ensure your family’s safety, always get professionals from Garage Door Repair Renton to do the installation and probably the repair. A faulty installation from non-professional can lead to dangerous accidents which can pose a serious harm on your family members.


Before settling for any type of garage door openers in Renton, it is important to consider some of its features to avoid regret after installation. Some of the features to consider are:garage door opener bellevue

1. Type of driving system: In fact, this is the main feature to consider and compare before choosing the type to opt for

The three main types of driving systems used by garage doors are:

Chain driven system: In a chain drive system, it operates by the opening and closing of metal chains and invariably lifting the door. However, chain driven type of openers are always very noisy during operation. But in terms of cost, it is the cheapest of all.
Belt driven system: Belt driven type are operated using a flexible belt. It does not make much noise during operation. In fact it is the quietest of all the garage door opener but the most expensive.
Screw driven system: if speed is your major concern, then consider settling for screw driven openers. It is the fastest type of garage door opener in Bellevue and also the most maintenance free of them all.

2. The horse power rating:

Another feature to consider is the power rating. Since garage door openers makes use of motor, it is important to know the best power rating for the motor. Another thing that also determines the power rating is the carriage gates or solid wood construction. Assuming the garage door is constructed from steel or fiberglass, a half horse power rated garage door opener should be ok.

3. Does the opener accept remote keypads and also can it be operated with a battery backup: some of the cheap openers in the market does not accept extra components while some modern ones include additional components like keypads and transmitters. Some come with battery backup for continuous automatic operation in case there is a power outage.

In conclusion, after considering the necessary features and a garage door opener has been chosen, it is advisable to seek for the help of garage door repair professional to do the installation. You as a home owner, may be use to screwdriver and hammer but that is never a guarantee that you have the capacity to install garage door opener. Therefore, only qualified technicians from Renton Garage Door Repair should adjust, repair, install, or replace your garage door openers.

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